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Check out our adorable holiday sample boxes.           15  count boxes with 3 of each Chock Full'a Chia biscuits.  Perfect for every horse or horse lover! 

Benefits of Chock Full'a Chia

Wholesome and Functional Food. We put a pill dimple in every biscuit

A small business with a big heart

Every biscuit is hand made using fresh, organic ingredients. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and no cheap fillers. Created for our horses and yours with careful attention to quality and purposeful selection of ingredients to support their overall health. Love with a purpose.

99 out of 100 horses tested have dysbiosis in the hind gut. Chock Full'a Chia is organic, wholesome, balanced food for a balanced gut.

To read more about dysbiosis check out Chia Chat.

Chia Feet

When you feed the correct protein and a full compliment of amino acids your horse metabolizes those nutrients to improve their overall health. Every Chock Full'a Chia biscuit provides horses with the right stuff to improve the quality of the skin, hair, hooves and more. What you feed your horse matters.

About Me


“My little mare has been on these treats for about three weeks now. Her skin condition is gone. No bumps and no more discoloration on her skin at all. I am a believer all the way.”

Carolann Romaniello Martin

My mom bought the carrot cake chock full’a chia while she was attending a convention in Omaha. I couldn’t wait to try them because my horse is super picky but he absolutely love these treats! And the rest of our horses love these treats too

Sadiyah Williams

Wow. My farrier (of more than 12 years) was out this week and we both noticed that my gelding's hooves were stronger than ever before. The only change is that he's been getting Chock full' a Chia biscuits... three a day for a few months. I'm delighted at these results!

Julie Christie