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Tired of products that over-promise and under-perform?

“Chock Full’a Chia’s close attention to what goes into their products is one reason I began selling them and recommending them to my clients.”

 ~Juliet Getty, PhD  (Author and equine nutritionist)

Chock Full'a Chia products:

Get results from the inside out.

This is "Felix" before his owner started him on Chock Full'a Chia's textured Papaya and Sea Biscuit products.
"Felix" three weeks later. His owner reported visible improvement in just 10 days. "His hair coat in the last week has changed so much. Where I was showing you all the is ALMOST GONE! He is silky and shiny and I can't even wait to see what happens in the next couple weeks. ~Mia Wilson

Wholesome and Functional Food with a pill dimple in every biscuit

A small business with a big heart

Every biscuit is hand made using fresh, organic ingredients. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and no cheap fillers. Created for our horses and yours with careful attention to quality and purposeful selection of ingredients to support their overall health. Love with a purpose.

Chia Feet

"Two years of specialists, the best farrier we could ask for and a year of nutrition overhaul with Chock Full'a Chia biscuits." Bear is "barefoot" and rockin' strong, healthy hooves! ~Carly Batts
What you feed your horse matters.


“My little mare has been on these treats for about three weeks now. Her skin condition is gone. No bumps and no more discoloration on her skin at all. I am a believer all the way.”

Carolann Romaniello Martin

"Wow. My farrier (of more than 12 years) was out this week and we both noticed that my gelding's hooves were stronger than ever before. The only change is that he's been getting Chock full' a Chia biscuits... three a day for a few months. I'm delighted at these results!"

Julie Christie (Professional rider/trainer/instructor)

"Going to be ordering my second bag of chia!  I have had my elder gelding who is 28 years young on these for three weeks now.  We had been struggling to get him to eat at all this winter.  He wasn't putting weight on, wouldn't eat treats, senior feed or hardly any hay.  I have had this horse for 21 years and this is the first time he has inhaled his food like he is now, he actually runs to get to his grain!  THANK YOU!  I feel hope of having my best friend with me for more years to come."  

~ Megan Keller

"I started my 20 year old mare on Sea Biscuits in January and must say I am very impressed with the results!  I was seriously considering putting Ruby down as I couldn't stand to watch her labored breathing when she was just standing still.  Now I can rider her on the trails and she is eager, energetic and happy, and she is able to keep up with a younger and more athletic trail buddy.  Mary is awesome to work with.  She answered all of my questions and helped me with concerns that have come up.  I highly recommend this product!"

Lexi Kasper

Wonderful product!  Such a healthy way to reward nice horse behavior.  Thank you!

Mary Dahlin

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