Foal Patrol ~ Spring’s Special Delivery

Last year Mary Hartman’s Hanoverian/Trakehner cross mare, Aya (Anew Garnet’s Glow) was bred to Rivendell’s Louie Leam Pondi to produce the next gen of sport horse! 


On Easter morning the bunny we all know and love brought some gorgeous Dark Chocolate to Rivendell Farm in Altoona, Alabama.  


A perfect bay colt!  We are giddy out of our gourd to see him frolicking around the pasture!

Randy and Lisa Rease are boutique breeders of Connemara and Sport Horses.  They have nurtured this maiden mare, Aya, for nearly two years and were anxious for her to foal. She did not disappoint them!  Nature announced the auspicious arrival of this little fella with tornadoes and thunderstorms and so, in deference to both the High Holy Holiday of Easter and in acknowledgement of the Rease’s love for all things Tolkien, he was dubbed, “Rivendell’s Return of the King”, aka Strider. 

This colt represents many things for Founder Mary Hartman:

  • A purposeful life with kind and patient people for Aya, the mare who inspired her company.  
  • An opportunity to witness the adventure that will be Strider’s life
  • An opportunity to provide feed to a foal to test the theory that feeding a horse like a horse (according to the seasons) can maintain their overall health, lengthen their performance career, and maintain vibrancy through all stages of life!   

Too many horses in modern day North America struggle with chronic health issues that can be traced directly back to diet. Which is why Mary will be sending a variety of products, including Chock Full’a Chia Carrot biscuits, to young Strider.  These healthful little nibbles will be part of his nutrition plan and supplement his mother's milk, hay, fresh and free forage in the pasture, and clean, purposeful food in his bucket.  

Chia is the main event in our lineup of products.  Among the many other reasons to recommend this seed for horses is the fact that chia provides a source of Boron, a naturally occurring mineral key for bone and connective tissue development.  U.S soils are largely depleted of Boron but the mountainous regions of South America where we source our chia still have this mineral available to the plants, making Boron available to horses - big and small.    


If you are interested in feeding the biscuits to your colt or filly, drop us a note in the comment section at checkout.  We will cut each biscuit into four pieces to create a much better size for those small, kissable muzzles to chew. Mini’s?  We’ll do the same for you!

Click the link below to learn more!

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