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Natural Gastric Support

Natural gastric support for all horses

A horse’s stomach is divided into two regions, the upper, squamous area and the lower, glandular region. Only the lower region is protected from the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. When a horse is moving, the acid in his stomach is moving with him. Horses involved in work that includes running expose the squamous region of the stomach to the caustic effects of the acid, creating painful ulcers. Work, stress, lack of forage and the use of NSAID’s can all cause ulcers along the equine intestinal tract.

Chock Full’a Chia promotes and supports a healthy equine digestive system and is an indispensable part of many a competitive rider's tack kit.  Each Chock Full’a Chia biscuit is high in calcium, low in starch, and loaded with high quality protein and Omega 3 fatty acids to provide your horse with the additional nutrition and energy they need to feel and perform their best.  

*Chock Full’a Chia is not a medical product. If you believe your horse has ulcers, consult a veterinary professional.