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Travel-Induced Stress

Use chia to ease travel-induced stress

Traveling can be psychologically, physically and emotionally stressful for horses. There is nothing natural about loading into a trailer and being relocated, whether it is for a day, a week or a permanent move.

Many horses do not eat or drink on the road but that doesn’t stop the production of hydrochloric acid in the equine digestive system. Chia’s gel producing action may help buffer the stomach and the high magnesium found in chia seeds promotes a natural calming effect.  Additionally, chia is incredibly hydrophilic (water absorbing), absorbsing12 times it’s weight in water!  That water, suspended in the protein gel created by the chia, is available to your horse during trips.

Start your horse on Chock Full’a Chia biscuits 5–7 days before a trip to get them accustomed to the taste and texture. Continue to feed 3–6 biscuits a day for the duration of your trip and for five days after returning home.